Library Exploration

I went on an adventure a few days ago. I have always heard about the Alma Jordan Library at The University of the West Indies, St Augustine while taking a Spanish Class at the Centre for Language Learning and therefore decided to have a look inside. IMG_2944[1]What I found was divine! This is the first library that I have seen separated by floors. Every floor holds subject areas for the various faculties classified by the Library of Congress Classification System. As you face the elevator, there is a map that describes every subject available and the class that is on a particular floor. The first floor is Engineering, the second is Natural Science while the third and fourth are Humanities and Social Sciences respectively and they all offer a variety of materials such as books and serials.  Also, on the second floor is the West Indiana and Special Collections Division which is equally unique but you would have to look out for my mini tour in another post! For now I will leave you with a few images of my little adventure. Hasta Luego!IMG_2976[1]  IMG_3048[1]





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