About Us

The Malachi Alexis Graduate School of Information and Communication Studies was established in 1999 as a collaboration between the St Martin De Porres University, which is a fictitious tertiary level institution based in Trinidad and Tobago, and the Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago. The school was established in response to the lack of resources offered for students desirous of pursuing a professional career in the field of Library and Information Science in the Caribbean.

Since then, the school has grown and surpassed its original expectations and the small library that was established to support the iSchool has now evolved into its own essential collection for all budding librarians and industry professionals. In 2006 the school was renamed in honour of Dr. Malachi Alexis whose unwaivering efforts in the field of Library and Information Science  influenced the library service environment in Trinidad and Tobago.

The iSchool Library is the ideal place for all academic needs with the widest collection of books,  journal and newspaper subscriptions, bound serial volumes, electronic resources, and multimedia items such as DVDs and MP3s. The collection is classified according to the Library of Congress Classification scheme. There are 2 special collections: (1) West Indian Libraries Collection; (2) Caribbean and Latin American Archival Collection.


It is located at the centre of the iSchool’s facilities. It is walking distance from all major entrepôt points to the Graduate School’s Campus in Quarry Circular, San Juan.


 The Library has a total floor area of 3,000 square metres, located on 3 levels, with seating for 300. Special facilities include 4 seminar rooms as well as an audio-visual group-viewing room, each with seating for thirty persons. There is also a Training Room equipped to facilitate activities related to the Library’s Information Literacy Programme.


 There are approximately 5,644 registered users, which include the School of Information and Communication (SIC) and other SMDPUstaff/ students, industry professionals, special groups and other institutions such as The UWI and COSTAATT.



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