Jobs & Fellowships

The iSchool Library offers many exciting opportunities for those seeking employment, internships or fellowships, or volunteer positions. Learn about all of these opportunities and working for the St Martin De Porres University in the following sections.

Faculty positions, Faculty of Information and Communication Studies

The Faculty of Information seeks to continually improve our ability to educate our students by recruiting only the best faculty candidates. There are currently no open Faculty positions within the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies.

Internship, Fellowship and Volunteer Positions

There are many internship, fellowship, and volunteer program opportunities throughout the Library. Think about your interests and qualifications and view the programs below. Interested students must contact the Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies in writing before August 29 and May 1 of every academic year in order to participate in these programmes.

Preservation Directorate Advanced Book Conservation Internship Program

Program offers advanced educational and experiential opportunity in book conservation.

Orientation/Information Desk Volunteer Program

This volunteer activity offers the individual the opportunity to serve at busy Information Desks at the Library.

Preservation Directorate Preservation Science Fellowship Program

Program offers an opportunity to conduct a research and/or technical analysis project in newly renovated science laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation that addresses preservation challenges presented by library materials, such as paper, photographs, pigments, adhesives, binders, additives, coatings, magnetic tape, optical discs, grooved media, etc.

Preservation Directorate Advanced Paper Conservation Fellowship Program

Program offers advanced educational and experiential opportunities in paper conservation.

Information Systems, Analytics, and Computer Graphics Internship Program

The Program is designed for current  graduate students wishing to gain experience in web design, data analytics, and computer graphics.

Library Assistants Volunteer Program

Program offers volunteers the opportunity to assist in all technical aspects of Library Services.



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