User Services


Registration is automatic once registered with the University as staff or student.


Three photocopying machines are available in the library. The copiers are self-service machines, which are operated by Venda Cards. These copy cards are on sale at the Circulation Desk.

Library Orientation

Library orientation sessions are organized for all incoming students of the Graduate School Information and Communication. These sessions are scheduled at the beginning of the academic year, and consist of an introduction to the library’s services and facilities and a library tour. Students are also provided with a brochure and other useful handouts.

Information Literacy Sessions

These sessions are held in September/October of the new academic year. All incoming students are targeted. They are trained in the use of the OPAC and the library’s electronic resources. In addition the fundamentals of copyright and plagiarism are explained.

Inter-Library Loans

Materials that are not available from the library’s collection, may be obtained from other libraries through an interlibrary loan facility.


Items that are held by the library which are not available on the shelves can be obtained by completing a request slip or filling out the online form. After placing, request, users should make periodic checks for request in the list of filled Requests, which is placed at the Circulation Desk. Users can also track their requests via your Student Email.

Overnight Book Deposit

A book return facility can be accessed from outside the Library. This facility is clearly marked “BOOK DEPOSIT” at the left side of the building. This facility can be used to return items on days when the library is closed.


A limited number of lockers are available for students’ use. They can be rented daily at a cost of $2.00 per 4-hour session on a first come, first served basis, or by semester at a cost of $45.00 per semester.


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