Special Collections

The iSchool Library is home to the following special collections:

  • West Indian Libraries Collection
  • Caribbean and Latin American Archival Collection.

West Indian Libraries Collection

The WIL collection is a historical collection of information studies paradigms and events that have influenced Libraries, Archives and Museums across the Caribbean. It also documents the beginnings of Journalism and other means of communication services in the Anglo-Caribbean.


Items in the WIL collection appear in our general catalogue with the library location “Special Collection Division.”

These items in the WIL collection are for Reference.

Caribbean and Latin American Archival Collection.

The CLAAC Collection is a compilation of the history of archiving in the Anglo-Caribbean region. It documents all archival practices in the British Caribbean as well as indivdual histories of every type of archive within these countries and their holdings.


All items added to the CLAAC Collection appear in the catalogue under with the library locationSpecial Collection Division.”

Items in the CLAAC Collection are for in-house use only. Contact staff to request items from the collection.


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